Sunday, September 7, 2008

Camp Joseph - Day 3

Sunday began with me accidentally oversleeping followed by a mad rush to try and get to church on time when half your ward sharing four showers. Diggity's shower was ice cold, apparently. We had a fabulous Sacrament Meeting. The lodge where we met has pictures of Joseph Smith all along the wall and as the speakers talked of the Restoration of the Gospel, the Spirit was so strong. Bearing witness that this man was responsible for the reason all of us were sitting in that room together.

After church, I made lunch. I tried grilling corn on the cob for the first time. It was fabulous. We had it again the other night. Just soak the cobs in water so you don't set your barbecue on fire. Even when you soak them, the husks will still light on fire, but they go out quickly.

Look out, Martha! I'll bet she doesn't grill corn in a dress and flip flops!

This corn is "Diggity Approved!"

After G-Man's nap, we joined the rest of the ward at the Joseph Smith Birthplace Memorial. As it was a beautiful day, we decided to try out our new backpack and walk over.

This picture is the best we could get of G-Man and I. Either he would rather me take the pictures or he doesn't like posing with me. The other pics we took are even worse..

I loved this shot. Thrilled that it turned out.

Cousin (and Bishop) Jon with Abigail

Diggity getting the news from Chris on his engagement to Heather!

We headed back to camp and had dinner with our Robison cousins. Families were joining up for Sunday dinner all across camp. After finishing our dinner, we went to visit another group of families eating in the pavilion. The kids thought the rock was a better place to eat than sitting at the boring old tables. Can't blame them.

I love this picture. One of the captions in my head is, "You should see the other guy!"
Poor W. had a fall while exploring the rocks. He's all healed up now.

MJ was so sweet to come over and entertain the toddlers. They all had a great time.

We ended the evening with a great fireside on missionary work given by the Bishop and Diggity, our new Ward Mission Leader. Another great day at Camp Joseph!


Stacie said...

I especially love that picture of G-man looking up at you (I think he's on the steps). Melts my heart!

Becca said...

Super pics, Macy! Your caption for Wes' photo is hilarious. Looks like he ate the other guy;)

Grammy said...

I love love the picutre of G-man looking up at the camera too - that is definately going on the wall in the man room.

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