Wednesday, August 20, 2008

What Might Have Been

This is the loving, beautiful photo I took of our tickets to the Olympics in Bejing before mailing them back to China. Why did I mail them back to China? How did we end up with them in the first place?

Diggity attended the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 and has always wanted to go back. I went to some Olympic events in Salt Lake City in 2002, but the Summer Games have more variety to offer. We decided to try for tickets, but we didn't get our first choice of events or tickets for the opening or closing ceremonies (How cool would it have been to be there for the opening ceremony!?!?) and in the interim realized we were too busy and it would cost too much and I probably couldn't get a visa in time anyway. (Diggity has one already. He's already been to China twice this year for work.)

So, we canceled the tickets.

Only they didn't get canceled and we got charged and they showed up. Luckily, one of Diggity's employees in China really, really wanted them and bought them from us. So, when the UPS man delivered them to us, I opened them, took a picture to remember them by and shipped them back to China. Hopefully Diggity's employee will enjoy the volleyball and the track and field events we were going to attend.


I can see what's going on better on my TV anyway. I love HD.

But still...

There's always London.


Michal said...

let's do london together. that would be so much fun.

Macy said...

Yes, lets. That would be fabulous. London was at the top of my "places I want to visit someday" list and when Diggity and I got married, it was the first trip we took (aside from our honeymoon). I loved it. They announced the 2012 Olympics when we were there. Then, the next day, they had the terrorist bombings on the Underground and the bus system. What a day...

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