Monday, July 28, 2008


I've been thinking about many, many things lately. Here's a random sampling:
  • Traditions - I have come across some fun summer traditions in the last couple weeks. One is an "ice cream for dinner" night. One night during the summer, the family goes to an ice cream stand for dinner and can order whatever they want. The kids love it. The other is a Crazy Cereal Week - the kids get to pick out two cereals at the beginning of the week and they can eat the cereal whenever they want that week. Dinner, snack, anytime. I love traditions associated with holidays, but I think the idea of fun things like this is great too. Any traditions out there that your family loves?
  • This article by Elder Russell M. Ballard. I started this blog as a way to share things our family has been doing and somewhere along the way started talking about American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance. While I'll continue those things, I may share some of the things I figure out about the Gospel as I learn them. Writing things down helps me remember. This blogger has been a great example to me. I found her blog through this blog, which also has some great Gospel insights.
  • Dreams. My friend Whitney has an excellent blog called Dare to Dream. She's been busy starting a hedge fund (a dream of hers) for the past few months and has become quite busy at work. Too busy to blog and mentor, even though that is something she loves too. Her last two posts have been in the back of my mind for days. I'm still not sure how I apply them to myself, but I'm sure thinking about them.
  • I realized again today how old G-Man is getting. It's exciting to watch him grow and change and at the same time, so sad that my little baby is gone. Here's my little baby one year ago today:


Stacie said...

Great post. I think I'm going to implement the "ice cream for dinner" tradition STAT.

Sorry I've been a slacker commenter. I admit, mothering my kids is kicking my trash. But a few things:

*I too am sad and dismayed that Will went home
*Nertz is one of the best card games EVER.
*G-man is adorable!

Yvonne said...

I loved justrandi's post about cereal week. I had a friend in So. California who had 11 children and on Sunday night they had a tradition of "anything for dinner". She would put a huge blanket (or two) down in their family room and they could get anything they wanted and bring it out there to eat. It was always fun for them--what a great way to not have to worry about a huge Sunday meal ; )

Wow, G-man is really growing up so fast.

Grammy said...

Wow! How time flies. I remember seeing these pictures and can't believe that was a whole year ago. He just keeps getting cuter each day.

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