Thursday, July 17, 2008

SYTYCD - Top 10 Results

I will be as brief as possible.

Big Group Number - Bollywood. Fun. Loved the costumes. Formation troubles, but they had to learn two group routines in two days. Poor kids. (Just when I thought the AI kids were the hardest working group on TV, I'm starting to understand that the SYTYCD kids are just as overworked. They tape the performance show that you see on Wednesday on Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday are for learning the group numbers and rehearsals for the Thursday show. Thursday afternoon they tape the live show for the East coast and have to continue taping to find out who their partners are and what their dances are for the next week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday are for learning the new routines. Then they tape again on Monday. Plus costume fittings and dress rehearsals and on and on and on.)

Girls Group Number - Contemporary. Mia Michaels. Dancing to "Ave Maria" (though I would have loved it even more if Celine had sung in Latin instead of English). Girls dressed as angels. First half of the routine on the edge of the stage. Beautiful stuff. I shed a tear.

Kherington & Comfort are the bottom 2 girls. I rule at predicting.

Boys Group Number - Broadway (?) Danced to "Five Guys Named Moe," which is from a Broadway show. I'm not sure if I would call it a routine. Done by "mystery choreographer." I guessed it was Nigel as soon as the dance started. Choreography was a bit cheesy and it looked like some of the guys were trying a little too hard to have fun. Nigel was the choreographer. I still rule at predicting.

Gev & Mark are the bottom 2 boys. My predicting domination continues.

The bottom four do solos. Comfort recycles moves from other solos. I liked Kherington. Mark was great. Gev was my favorite. He did his routine to a Michael Buble song. He should have done that last night.

Comfort gets spared elimination two weeks in a row as Kherington is eliminated. Comfort is genuinely surprised and Kherington is doing her best cheerleader/beauty queen smile at the audience trying not to cry.

Gev is eliminated. Only one Utah kid left! I only partially rule at predicting. I guess people like Mark more than I thought.

Sad how it seems that Gev and Kherington were riding on the popularity of their former partners.

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Stephanie said...

I will now look to you for my SYTYCD updates. I can't always watch Thurs nights (I need TIVO!) and you are so comprehensive in your review. Thanks Macy! But I'm shocked about Kher and Gev.

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