Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Father's Day...

...whether you like it, or not!!

My love of teasing comes from my dad.  We spend a lot of time teasing him, and giving him a hard time.  He knows we love him and as I think one of the reasons I tease so much is that when I really stop to think about how much my dad means to me, I start to cry.  

I'm so proud of the work ethic he has instilled in all of us.  I love that I can fix things and do work around the house and in the yard because of the things he has taught me.  I love that everyone who has met my dad loves him.  Because of the nature of his work, I often meet people that melt when they find out who my dad is.  He shows people so much love and care at a time in their lives when it is needed and he makes you feel protected at the same time.  And I don't think I've met anyone who loves being a grandpa more than my dad does.  

I think one of my favorite memories of my dad was when he helped me move from Ohio to Utah after my divorce.  After months of feeling sustained by him over the phone, it was so nice to have him in Ohio in person and have his help and see how grateful he was to the many people who surrounded me and helped me through that difficult time while he was so far away.  And it was really nice to have all that time to talk on the way back to Utah.  I felt like I got some time back that I missed out on while living away.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.  I hope you have a wonderful day, and remember that I love you. 

Even more than I love this picture of you.

And that's a lot.  :)


LL said...

SO SO funny! what a sweet post!

Melissa said...

Laughing so hard right now! Tom, that picture is the best! Love the wings! Macy really sweet post! Your dad is great- and we love him too! Happy Father's day, Tom!

Michal said...

i can't stop cracking up over the last picture, even though i've seen it before. you have a great dad. you're right--you can't help but love him. i'm glad he found super kimmie and is now part of our family.

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