Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to Utah

Conversation with my sister earlier this week - 
Molly: Are you coming to Utah this summer?
Me:  Nope.  Flights are too expensive and flying with G-Man makes me way too tired.
Molly: Aww, really?  
Me:  Sorry.  I'd love to, but we're going to our family reunion in Hawaii and then I'm not planning on going anywhere.

Life changes your plans.

My Grandma Sundberg died yesterday.  She's been sick for a while and has been in a retirement home for the last couple of years because she couldn't live on her own anymore.  My Grandpa Sundberg died 6 years ago on June 15 and she's been so lonely without him.  I know they're together, I know they are with my mom and Uncle Ronnie and having a grand family reunion right now.   They have a lot of catching up to do.  :)

The funeral is this Friday and I want to be there, so G-Man and I are flying to Utah and then staying for a few days until we meet up with Diggity in L.A. to fly to Hawaii to meet up with Diggity's family for the reunion.  So much for not flying.  I think I'll be on 8 or 9 different planes during this trip.  It's worth it.  

I found some pictures of Grandma that I really like and wanted to share.  Enjoy.

Grandma Sundberg near home in Pleasant Grove

Grandma & Grandpa on their wedding day

My mom and grandma on mom & dad's wedding day

Grandma, Me and G-Man -- Christmas 2007


ktb said...

I'll see you on Friday...

Stacie said...

Oh, what beautiful pictures. I hope you enjoy your time with family in the coming weeks. Love you guys!

Macy said...

KTB - I'm glad you are coming. You were next on my list to e-mail and ask if you were going to be there.

Stacie - thanks. The one up side to all of this is that I do get to see my family. I'll be passing back through for a couple days on the way home from Hawaii as well, so that will be fun.

Yvonne said...

I'm so sorry about your grandma. How wonderful to have so many pictures--love the one of her with G-man (those are the best). Is she the one that wrote the poem that was read at the barbeque the night before you and Diggity got married.

Macy said...

Yvonne - the grandma that wrote the poem is my dad's mom. This is my mom's mom.

Michal said...

i'm glad you get to be with your family to celebrate the life of your grandma. i'm sure she's enjoying a great celebration on the other side with so many loved ones who have gone before her. you were very blessed to have her in your life for so long.

Karen said...

I love the pictures of your mom and grandma! So precious. I found a really cute picture of your mom in my stuff. She looks so cute! I put it in a "safe place" and can't find it now. When I do, (and I know I will) I'll pass it along! It was good to see you at the funeral. Your son is adorable!
(cousin of your mother)

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