Tuesday, May 20, 2008

"This is a blog entry..."

...is what I say when something crazy happens. It has become a coping mechanism, in a way. It helps me laugh and think about telling the story later.

This week has contained several "This is a blog entry..." days. For example, last Thursday.

I was at school for the day and was looking forward to school ending because I got to pick up this cute little face
from his babysitter and go home and finish getting the house ready for these cute faces

to arrive at our house. Diggity had been out of town for the week and was bringing Amanda, Chris and Heather home with him for Amanda's graduation weekend.

I got home and started working. G-Man was in a good mood, but insisted on following me everywhere. Which was cute, but also annoying after a while. I kept knocking him over because I was carrying armfuls full of things and couldn't see that he was blocking doorways as I tried to walk through. He wasn't liking that he kept falling, but he also kept following me around.

I finally gave up on the upstairs until he went to bed and decided to get some things done downstairs. I turned on a DVD, got out some toys and started organizing books (still putting things back together after the painters) Every couple minutes, I was checking to see if G-Man was behaving. Actually, we checked on each other. He kept walking in with his remote in his hand to see what I was doing. (We gave him an old speaker remote to carry around to save the love our remotes were getting. He carries it everywhere as he walks around. Like this-)

After one of his trips in to see me, I looked up to see him rounding the TV and heading to the bathroom door. We have been keeping that door shut, because he loves destroying the room. Usually the toilet paper. I couldn't remember if the door was shut, so I ran after him just in time to hear a SPLASH as I rounded the corner.

Our remote was in the toilet.

Not HIS remote, OUR remote. The remote for our TV.


I screamed and pulled it out of the toilet and called Diggity to confirm that I needed to take out the batteries and let them dry before I tried to use the remote. Diggity's innocent inquiry of "What was he doing with the remote in the bathroom?" was met with hostility. I was not in the mood.

Back to cleaning, things are going well. It's G-Man's bedtime and I'm finishing up with some upstairs vacuuming before putting him in the tub and putting him in bed. I decided it would be a great idea to get out the new Disney tub toys Grandma Kimmie got him for his birthday. He's been playing with them, but not in the tub. In goes the water. In go the toys. In goes the G-Man. As soon as his bum hits the water - poop all over the tub. And the 14 Disney figures.


I pull him out of the tub and try to shower him off as he screams. Then put him in pajamas, give him the bottle, call Diggity for sympathy and put G-Man to bed.

Chris and Heather have landed and they are on the way home. I'm finishing up with a few things - pulling sheets out, straightening a little bit - and I now have a pile of stuff that needs to go in G-Man's room. I decide to just quietly open the door and set everything on his changing table. I reach for the doorknob, and the door is locked. Locked! How is the door locked?


I find a T-pin in Diggity's office and break into my 13 month old's room and put the stuff away. Great way to end the day. Then I went to clean the poop out of the tub.

I'll spare you the stories of me taking a wrong turn and making a 5 minute trip to pick up a rental car into an hour long drive through Boston traffic. And the one about me parking in the North End on a day when the Red Sox are at home, the Celtics are playing Game 7 and Boston University is graduating and I am schlepping a baby, gigantic diaper bag and a stroller across town. Or the even better one about Diggity and I trying to find a cab to the North End from Boston University. Just as BU graduation is ending. And so is the Red Sox game. And it's raining. And my feet are bleeding from the blister I have worked up. And G-Man is crying. And Diggity hates the city of Boston because there are no cabs. And we're trying to enjoy Amanda's awesome graduation dinner, but G-Man is saying "hi" and laughing one second and crying the next. Luckily it was a loud restaurant.

For all the crazy blog stories, it really was a wonderful weekend that I will tell you about later. Complete with a lovely selection from the 601 pictures that were taken by Amanda's graduation paparazzi.


Stacie said...

Hee hee!! I'm laughing. Trying to get anything done with kids is such an ordeal. I love the remote in the toilet! Sadly I have found objects thrown in our toilet, too. And had many oh-my-gosh-he's-pooping-in-the-tub experiences as well. Sounds like you had quite the day. Hope things slow down.

LL said...

this made me laugh (sorry) but I SO feel your pain.
i have the same thoughts, all day long "this is a blog entry"
love your blog...keep the fun stories coming!

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