Monday, May 5, 2008


Diggity and I went to lunch with G-Man the other day at our favorite place for quesadillas and delicious queso - Moe's. (Welcome to Moe's!) We were chatting and G-Man was eating his quesadilla and trying to butt in on the conversation. (He does that a lot.) His babbling was getting louder, so we both turned and looked at him at the same time and saw this:

Yes, that's the lid from his drink. Yes, he turned it into a duckbill. Yes, I wish I knew how to use the video on my cell phone because it was moving while he talked. Yes, it was hilarious. 

He's a goofball. But, he comes by it honestly.


Yvonne said...

Such talent ; )

(Did the drink stay in his cup or was it all over????

Grammy said...

I'm laughing so hard right now - this is so funny. What a boy!


Molly said...


Melissa said...

SOOO CUTE!! They do anything to get attention! Wait until he gets a little bit older! Some things they do are not so cute and funny!!

Macy said...

Yvonne - his cup was empty. We just let him play with his empty cup and extra lids.

Melissa - anything to get attention? Like peeing in a fan? :) I'm still laughing about that story...

Michal said... what a character. glad you at least caught the photo.

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