Wednesday, May 14, 2008

American Idol - Top 3 Results

I'm 99% sure that Syesha is going home. I hope I'm right. That 1% makes me a little nervous. Here we go!
  • I love when we get near the end of the season and every shot of the audience is either of someone famous or of a contestant from earlier in the season. I think it is interesting to see who is in the audience throughout the season. Along with all the eliminated contestants, I also saw Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber. He just couldn't stay away...
  • Group Song - "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now" David A. is looking nervously at the teleprompter as he starts the verse. Nice that they can use the teleprompter for these songs. The choreography is awesome. Everybody loves a good jazz square. (Name the movie!)
  • Sidenote: I have heard established artists say that there is nothing harder than being on this show. I agree. No one coming up through the ranks has to deal with this level of intensity on this large of a global stage. Let's just take this week - the top 3 had to sing three different songs. One of which was sprung on them when they were at home and away from the studio and all the musicians that work with them every week. They have to learn and record and then make the music video for the Ford commercial every week. They also have to learn the staging and the song for the group song. And, on top of all that, they are now rehearsing for the tour. That is why all the eliminated Idols are there in the audience. It's just a crazy amount of work. Which is good preparation for the music industry, but most artists do the preparation and the work without the entire world watching. I did have a point when I started typing this, but it would seem that I have lost that point...I guess that's why the name of my blog is so appropriate. :)
  • Fantasia! I love me some Fantasia! Her hair is bright, bright red and she's doing some church dancing and singing with her backup singers. With my apologies for the horrible quality of the next two photos, here is her bright red hair: I am still not sure how I feel about this song, but I had two favorite parts of this performance. First, G-Man started laughing when Fantasia came out on stage. He was also clapping and bouncing. It was great. Second, near the end of the song, the director cut away to Simon Cowell watching the performance. He had the best look on his face EVER. I managed to get a screen shot from You Tube, but it doesn't do it justice.
    Highlarious. Watch it back if you have time and make sure you watch for him near the end. After the random guy that sang from the balcony in the middle of the song.

Results, Part 1:
David Archuleta is first on stage. We get to look at his visit home. Excellent. I saw a lot of this online. I love the bodyguard behind him as the Murray High Cheerleaders attacked him. All the shots of screaming girls are excellent. There's the bodyguard again. The Gateway Mall was intense. I couldn't believe how many people were there when I saw it online. (I'm not sure how to describe the size of that mall if you have never seen it. It's an outdoor mall that is at least 1/2 mile long with shops lining both sides of a main street. There is also a balcony level above. From what I could see, everything was packed. So cool.) Cute. He's crying as he looks around at all the people at the Gateway. That is making me cry. Awwwwwww.....that is the most precious thing ever. Great shots of the party at Murray High and a tiny shot of him singing the National Anthem at the Jazz/Lakers game.

David A. is...
...watching a highlights package from his time on the show. And we're going to a commercial. Lame. Boo doop, boo doop....wait! New Mac vs. PC commercial. I love these. Cheerleader commercial. That was a good one. Boo doop!

Results That Aren't Actually Results, Part 2:
Syesha's trip home to Sarasota, Florida is on now. Syesha's bodyguard is getting a lot of screen time too. (David A. had more people at his AT&T store appearance. Hee, hee.) Cute bit with her parents. That is pretty touching. Wow. I thought Mayor Snarr's mustache was impressive, but the mayor of Sarasota just did a handstand. Syesha is bawling in the limo. That's the ugly cry, man. :) And now Syesha is watching her highlights and we still don't know who is safe. Commercial.

"Results" Disguised as a Way to Show Everyone's Trip Home And Their Season Highlights So We Don't Waste Time On Them Next Week, Part 3:
David Cook is talking about how he went to be moral support for his little brother and wasn't intending to audition, but the producers talked him into it. They brought little brother up on stage. Now we're watching the going home package. David Cook got to do the weather. That's hilarious. It looks like he brought out the same number of crowds that David A. brought out at the various events. He's going back to his elementary school to surprise his music teacher. She inspired him to get involved in music in the first place. And now I am crying the ugly cry. I'm a sucker for things like that. Any teacher being shown appreciation is a good thing, but a music teacher? Come on! Of course I'm going to cry! Now they are at the parade and final pep rally and they caught David C. crying too! Three for three. He got to throw out the first pitch at the Royals game! Sweet. Watching the highlights package now. A big thank you to whoever convinced David C. to cut his hair halfway through the season. The old haircut was pretty scraggly and ugly. I had forgotten. Commercial.

The ACTUAL Results:
We're hearing from the judges. Simon is predicting a humdinger next week. 56 million votes. The two people in the finals are:

David Archuleta!!!!! Woot!


David Cook!!!

YES! Excellent finale. Good job, America. Methinks this is the first all-male final since Ruben vs. Clay (I'm right - I just saw this confirmed on By the way, Rickey is putting together some very cool screenshots of the show combined with comic book fonts. I'd link to them, but I don't want mess with his bandwidth. You should just go look.)


Diana said...

Hey Macy thanks for the weekly updates on American Idol. I always work on Wed. nights so the girls and I always get a kick out of what you have to say about it. Thanks!!! Have a great week Diana(Jason's little sister)

Michal said...

ok, i'm not a watcher, but i can't help but tivo the finale now.:) thanks for reeling me in like that. and i love your comment about the ugly cry! it's so true.

Neal said...

Sweetie - we have the software that Rickey is using to create those comic book panels...just in case you were feeling creative ; )

Corrine said...

you are way better than DVR! I missed the whole Fantasia, dancing man on balcony and Simon's whole reaction last night cuz i fast forwarded through her song...loved Simon's reaction...thanks for the fun recap.

Macy said...

Diana! Welcome. I didn't know you kept up with the AI posts. Thanks for commenting.

Michal - It makes me happy that you plan to watch next week. I enjoy reeling people in. :)

Neal - Of course we do.

Corrine - Thank you! It fills me with joy that you think I am better than a DVR! Since it's basically the greatest technological marvel of all time, I'm quite flattered.

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