Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Finale!!

Spoiler Alert:
If you have not seen the finale for the Biggest Loser and you don't want to know who won, please do not read this post. The results are contained in this post. Come back and read later after you watch it on Tivo.

I've been watching this show for the last couple of seasons and I love it. It is inspiring and this season has been particularly fun because I feel like I've been losing weight with them. (Not as much and not as quickly, but I feel like I'm doing it with them. I've lost 60 pounds this year, so I'm doing pretty well. I still have a lot to go though.) And I think a girl might actually win this time. It's been close for a couple of seasons, but the guys ultimately win. Stupid male metabolism. :)

(By the way, my Biggest Loser enrichment group team is doing very well! We have won the last two weeks in a row and our team has lost almost 4% of our body weight since we started. We're in the hunt to win the whole thing!)

Roger is in the final 3. Bummer. I should have voted. I like Roger. I like him a lot. But I wanted Mark to be in the final 3 because Roger still had weight to lose and Mark didn't and I thought Ali had a better chance of winning if Mark was in the final 3. Did that make sense?

BERNIE!!! Winner of the at home prize! He beat Mark by ONE POUND!!! Rock on brother.

The final 3 look amazing. I love the finale. I get so excited for these people. Especially when you see their before pictures.

Wow. Roger lost a lot of weight. He's down to 199 pounds and has lost over 45% of his body weight. That is a tough percentage to beat for the finale.

Kelly needs to lose 123 pounds to beat Roger (This part reminds me of the Showcase Showdown wheel on Price is Right. The person in the lead waiting under the little light up screen while the other contestants spin the big wheel.) She lost 109. That is still amazing. 40% of her body weight. Good girl.

Go Ali. Go Ali. She looks great. She needs to lose 106 pounds to beat Roger. She looks confident. Commercial break!?! NO! She lost 99 pounds on the ranch. I think she can do it. Here is a picture of her from last week's episode as she was leaving the ranch. Isn't it amazing? (Results of the finale after the picture......)

SHE DID IT!! She lost 112 pounds! First female Biggest Loser! That is awesome. I'm inspired. I'm going to do crunches right now.


Yvonne said...

I was so glad she won. She looked incredible. Like you, I get so excited for them. The transformations are amazing.

Stacie said...

Ooh, your Biggest Loser post was so much more fun than mine. :) I love Ali too! And congrats to you on your weight loss! I love what your ward is doing. I'm trying to lose my baby weight and would love something like that. Sounds like fun! As fun as losing weight can be, anyway.

Michal said...

for a few weeks i wasn't sure if i wanted ali to win or not, but by last week i knew i did. and then like a loser, i never voted. but in the end, the victory was even sweeter to win when she beat out a very big man. she was so amazing. and didn't berni, brittnay, and dan's mom (what's her name again?) look fantastic? everyone looked so good.

by the way, it is very impressive that you've lost 60 lbs. by this year do you mean since january????

Macy said...

I agree with Michal - everyone looked fantastic. I couldn't believe how great Bernie looked. And for some reason, I can't remember Dan's mom's name right now either.

And I mean I've lost 60 pounds since last April. That would have been nice if it had been since January. Then I would have been on pace with the Biggest Losers! But alas, I'm plodding on at that "healthy pace" of 1-2 pounds per week. :)

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