Tuesday, April 15, 2008

American Idol - Top 7

Mariah Carey night. Song choice is going to be everything tonight. I say pick some of her great songs that are lesser known is going to be the best song choice strategy. Here we go!

The Favorites:

David Archuleta - "When You Believe"
Why is David first? Do they know he will be safe and will get the votes? I don't like it when he is first. He did a great job. And Mariah liked him. And so did the judges. Good. I think he'll be safe.

Syesha Mercado - "Vanishing"
Smart, smart song choice. Most people have not heard Mariah sing this, so the comparison isn't there. She did a great job on that. She was pretty much in tune on the big notes and she really did well. I disagree with Simon a little bit - I think it helps tonight that not a lot of people have heard this song. People do want to hear familiar songs, but with Mariah Carey, she has such an outstanding voice, I really think it is better to take a lesser known song and sing it well.

Brooke White - "Hero"
This could be bad. It is not her thing. I love her hair and her dress though. I'm nervous. So far so good. She's looking at the camera while she plays and sings. She's strong through the bridge. Ooops....Slight pitchy moment. Wow - when she makes a mistake, she is visibly shaken. I understand that it is a big pressure moment, but you have to keep going strong. She stopped looking into the camera after the bridge and you could see her chin shaking. I think she'll be safe, but this is definitely not a good theme week for her.

David Cook - "Always Be My Baby"
Wow. I'm not sure if this is going to work. But Mariah likes it. I wasn't sure about the arrangement at first, but when the strings came in I could tell it was going to work. Excellent high note. I liked the flip to minor at the end as well. That was cool. Randy stood up. Paula liked it. Simon thought it was original and daring. It was SO different from the original. Well done.

Jason Castro - "I Don't Want to Cry"
Interesting choice of song. He's in the pimp spot, so it must be good. Cool melodic changes on the verse. This is a great arrangement. Very nice. (I like watching Teri Hatcher and her daughter behind Randy. She's funny.) Paula and Simon like it. He's right - the guys kicked butt tonight.

The Others:
Carly Smithson - "Without You" Carly is second. Nice. Send her home. She does look nice. I did think she did a good job, but she used Mariah's arrangement and she did not sound like Mariah. (Whitney - no tattoo showing during the performance!) She could be in the bottom 3 again.

Kristy Lee Cook - "Forever" Obscure song - It's a great song though. One of my favorite Mariah songs. The obscurity will probably help Kristy. We have a country waltz arrangement going. I have to give her credit. She knows her demographic. I'm sorry to say this again, but the eyelids just drive me crazy. I'm going to start counting when I see her eyes. I'm sure the judges will like it. I didn't hate it, but I refuse to put her in the favorites section regardless.

Paula quote of the night: "He wants beef. He wants poi." She's so weird.

Biggest Loser Finale tonight!! I'm so excited!

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Whitney Johnson said...

Very, very worried about Brooke. Relax Brooke, relax!

DAvid Archuleta and David Cook 'killed it'.

I told my husband that I didn't like having a favorite because then I can be a disinterested observer. I care -- oh well -- so I voted for Brooke about 15 times.

Now I know how sports enthusiasts feel when their team is playing!

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