Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American Idol - Top 5

It's Neil Diamond night! Nice! Though I don't love him as much as Barry Manilow, I have an abiding love for Mr. Diamond's music. And I must say, he looks much better than most musicians his age. I don't feel like he is made of plastic or that he has shrunk into a Hobbit-like creature. I respect that.

Two songs each tonight, and Jason is up first. Since they are singing two songs each, I'll keep the critiques for each song together this week. They are going to be judged after their second selection.

Jason Castro
Neil Diamond was very nice to Jason. Quite diplomatic considering that Jason forgot the lyrics to his song right in front of him.
First Song: "Forever in Blue Jeans"
I think he is doing fine, but I'm kind of bored. He sounds good, I'm glad he's playing the guitar, but I'm going to predict that Simon will say it was "forgettable." Grade: D
Second Song: "September Morn"
This is a great song and he is killing it. So bored right now. And I want to cut the arms off the mosh pit girls in the front. Not only is this boring, it is a little pitchy. That was terrible. Grade: F
(Simon said Jason was forgettable! I win! Simon really threw down after Round 1. Ouch.)
Overall Grade: D- Go home please.

David Cook
He gave Neil goosebumps and he likes the choice of songs. Looks good for David tonight!
First Song: "I'm Alive"
David is playing guitar and has his brother's initials on his jacket and on his guitar. As Neil said, I'm not familiar with this song. He did a nice job. It's always good to have an upbeat song to open with. Grade: B+
Second Song: "All I Really Need is You"
Playing guitar again. He's paying some attention to the lyrics, which I appreciate. Not familiar with this song either, but I like it. Grade: B+
Overall Grade: B+ The judges are in love with him tonight.

Brooke White
Neil gave Brooke permission to change his lyrics and was pleasantly surprised with her. And I completely forgot that Neil Diamond wrote "I'm a Believer."
First Song: "I'm a Believer"
This is pitched too low for her at the beginning. She's trying too hard to have fun. I'm sure she is terrified that she is going to forget the lyrics again. She's loosening up as the song goes though. Paula is standing up. Not that that means anything. She is doing some fun things with the melody. Grade: C+
Second Song: "I Am, I Said"
This is a better song for her, in my opinion. She's in a good key for her and though I don't think she's going to win, she did a good job. Grade: B
Overall Grade: B- The judges were much more positive about the second song as well.

David Archuleta
Neil says David is a prodigy! David is giggly and I think brave to sing a couple of Neil's most well known songs.
First Song: "Sweet Caroline"
Man. The kid can sing. I'm not sure I like the arrangement. I'm a bit of a Diamond purist on this song. But he did sing well. Grade: A-
Second Song: "America"
He's got a huge American flag unfurled on the screen behind him, so I'm pretty sure he's safe. Even with the vocal crack. Again, I'm a Diamond purist, and I prefer the original for my own campy reasons, but I like the arrangement and I liked the ending. Grade: A-
Overall Grade: A- The judges love him.

Syesha Mercado
Neil likes Syesha too. He's so nice!
First Song: "Hello Again"
Such a great song....don't screw it up. :) She's chosen the ever popular singing from the stair position to start the song. And she's barefoot. And she's in the pimp spot. She sounds great. I don't know where she turned, but she seems more confident and is singing better every week. I wish she would have connected with the lyrics better in a couple spots, but the singing was good. Grade: A-
Second Song: "Thank the Lord for the Nighttime"
I love the song already and the intro isn't over yet. Fun song. She could have sung parts of it better. Does she always sing barefoot? Anyone help me on this? I've never noticed. Grade: B
Overall Grade: B+ The judges liked her, but Simon thinks she might be in trouble. Nah. She's singing last and she did well and if anything, that comment will unite her fans.

So, according to my grades, here are my predictions:
1. David Archuleta
2. David Cook
Syesha Mercado
4. Brooke White
5. Jason Castro

If there is justice for poor singing, Jason Castro is going home. If not, I'm afraid it's Brooke.

Best Moment of the Night:
Awkward silence when everyone was listening to Paula comment on Jason Castro's "second" song that he hadn't sung yet. Paula: "Wait, I thought he sang twice! Did he only sing once? I have a second performance down on my notes here...." Whoops! Awkward! Too many sips from the big red Coke cup!

Here's my new favorite American Idol site: What Not to Sing. It combines two excellent things that I love - research and singing. Check it out. Their editorials are amazing. This one explains the singing lineup and this one explains what they call the "Sesame Street Effect" which they blame for Carly's demise last week.


Whitney Johnson said...

So, I've now texted for Brooke about 25 times. So glad she sang the second song well, but definitely think she's going to need the Vote for the Worst votes.

Jason can go home -- and then she's probably up... but you never know.

Syesha didn't do it for me... but I've never really liked her.

It's like the two Davids are in a league by themselves.

Neal said...

Probably my first - and last - Idol comment. I 100% agree with Whitney. There, that wasn't so bad. Curse you Macy for adding this to my TV schedule!!!!

Macy said...

Whitney - I agree. She needs Vote for the Worst again this week. And the two Davids are being set up for the finals. They're doing the best job and they are getting the most positive comments.

Neal - I just shed a little tear of joy and pride. Even though you cursed me.

Stacie said...

Macy, I love your Idol posts. Love them. I just started watching (don't hate me). I totally agree on Paula. That was the most awkward thing I have ever seen.

Corrine said...

I really wanted Jason to go home before Brooke, but oh well...nice reviews, very right on.

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