Wednesday, April 30, 2008

American Idol - Top 5 Results

Diggity is watching with me tonight. He's got an itchy Tivo finger, so we'll see how much of the not-so-witty-banter I get to watch. :)
  • The kids are going to sing a Neil Diamond medley to pay tribute to their mentor! Fun! We start with Jason Castro struggling through "Cracklin' Rosie." Thankfully the Davids took over and salvaged it a little. Whoever arranged "Song Sung Blue" in that key is rude. Way too low for Syesha and Brooke. The third song is awkward and they can't remember the words. Diggity says it is called the "Travelin' Salvation Show." Again, thankfully, David A. took over at the end. That was a rough medley.
  • Gina Glocksen and Constantine Maroulis are pimping a show they are on with Fox Reality Channel. Seacrest "made" Constantine do the face. Not cool. Ace Young was sitting in front of Constantine. They should have talked to him instead. We also saw Kristy Lee Cook a couple times. And I think Rev. Run's daughter was sitting next to Gina Glocksen.
  • Recap of last night's show....will they show Paula bringing the crazy? Bummer. She didn't show up in the package, but Ryan did defend her following the highlight reel. Such a happy American Idol family.
Results Time!
Jason Castro is on the stage first. SHUT UP!!! (That was what I just screamed when he was sent to the couches.) He is safe. America, you are lame.

David Archuleta is next. This makes me nervous. Second on the stage isn't necessarily good. Whew. He's safe. I was sick to my stomach for a minute there because I didn't vote last night.

(Crap. This means either Syesha or Brooke are going home. And it is probably Syesha. Which is lame, because she was very good last night. It would also be lame if Brooke goes home. It should have been Jason.)
  • They are showing a preview of "So You Think You Can Dance." YES!! I. cannot. wait. I saw Debbie Allen and Adam Shankman and Mia Michaels as judges, which makes me very happy. I was watching very closely for a couple of my students that I know auditioned in Utah, but I didn't see them. Maybe they'll be on the show...
More Results:
David Cook is coming to the stage. And he's safe.

Syesha and Brooke are in the bottom 2. There's only going to be one girl in the top 4. They're both on the stage and Ryan is going over their judging comments and we are still in the first half hour of the show. What are you doing, you tricksy Ryan? Sending them to the couch to watch the second half of the show.
  • More British invasion performances. I do love Natasha Bettingfield. However, Natasha - a little too much eyeliner, dearie. I like this song a lot and I have to say, I've never heard her sing this well live. She sounds amazing on the chorus. I'm kind of impressed, and I think this is the first results night performance that I haven't fast forwarded through. Even Diggity is keeping his itchy Tivo finger under control. :)
  • Natasha went straight to David A. and kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug. Cute. Ryan tried to ask her to prom on his behalf. I'm pretty sure Murray High already had their Prom.
  • The stupid phone in segment is back. The first three questions are all for Paula or are Paula related. I'm only catching this as Diggity boodoop boodoops through them. I think they are giving her every opportunity they can to speak coherently. I can't stand to listent to her - coherent or not. It seems that Simon's childhood crush called in to the show. Diggity keeps sighing and pushing the Tivo button.
  • Earth Day Ford commercial. The AI kids are magically picking up garbage and making trees grow leaves as they drive through a barren neighborhood in their magical hybrid Ford cars. Thanks, hybrid car!
  • Neil Diamond is singing his new single, "Pretty Amazing Grace." Cool hook to this song. His backup singers are scaring me to death right now. That dancing is not good. And they don't seem to have aged as well as Mr. Diamond. I don't like the bridge so much. What?! Latin music? And now the hook is getting old. I think he has exhausted every church and grace play on words he could have used.
  • They just showed Neil's mom in the audience. Wow. She's alive? I wish you could all hear Diggity's comments right now....typing them here won't do them justice since you can't hear his voice and the accent he's doing...
Final Results:
Syesha and Brooke are heading back to the center of the stage. Brooke is already crying.

Awww.....Brooke is going home. The kids at Vote for the Worst are going to be disappointed. (And now they'll be voting for Jason. They must be defeated. If he knocks out one of the Davids or Syesha at this point, I'm going to be so annoyed.) Wow. Brooke's crying pretty hard. Poor thing. She's so cute. I hope she can even sing. It's a vicious cycle - you're trying hard to sing and people cheer for you and then you cry harder, making it harder to sing. The Tivo timed out right when she got to the chorus. I hope it got easier for her to sing...


Look at the cool early birthday gift my cute friends got for me!

My very own set of American Idol red Coke cups! I can sip along with Paula...ummm...wait. Maybe not. I'll be drinking water, of course. :) They also got me an iTunes card so I can buy my favorite performances from the iTunes store. Thanks, guys! And thanks for lunch today!


Whitney Johnson said...

It was Brooke's time - but still sad!

Sounds like you have a birthday coming up! So Happy Early Birthday!

Go David and David!


Yvonne said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Those cups are really cute. What great friends!!!!

aurora said...

Okay, Brooke definitely was going home soon... but it shouldn't have been last night! {i do love jason castro when he sings in his own element-- but when he doesn't... it is REALLY awful-- like this week}

Love the COKE cups!

Chel said...

I only like Jason and the good David (not the Murray High kid). I know... Yep, you read that right! :)

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