Monday, March 24, 2008

Random TV Thoughts

- I love that Tim Gunn was on The Biggest Loser last week. He seems like such a nice man. He made those Biggest Losers look so fancy in their new clothes from Macy's! And I'm glad that Brittany went home. Go Ali!
- I'm a fan of Top Chef, but the first episode was frustrating to watch. Too many swear bears in the cast this year. I don't think I've ever heard so many bleep sounds in a reality show. Yeah, they're chefs, they're artists, they express themselves. Whatever. It was annoying. It was slightly better the second week.
- Boo that Lost has a break for 5 weeks. I'm really loving it right now.
- Hurray that the rest of the shows we like are slowly trickling back on.
- I love Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

Final Thought: (It's a long thought.)
I don't usually watch Dancing With the Stars. I'm aware of who is on, I catch a dance here and there and I try to cheer on those cute Hough kids from Utah. But I find it the most difficult competition show to watch. At least for me. Especially at the beginning of the season. It frustrates me that they put people on that they know will be embarrassing themselves (examples this season: Penn Gillette, Monica Seles, Adam Corrolla - who is partners with Julianne Hough). I don't enjoy watching them make fools of themselves so much. I also don't like the stunt casting. Last season we had Heather Mills and her prosthetic leg. This season we have hearing impaired Marlee Matlin.

However, I am sitting here preparing a couple of things for school tomorrow and just caught Marlee's dance. I have to admit, I shed a small tear. It was pretty amazing to watch. I had a little flashback to when I saw Heather Whitestone (hearing impaired Miss America) dancing on stage in Atlantic City. Marlee was inspiring to watch as well. Especially to see the rehearsals and realize that in their dance this week, she couldn't look at her partner and they had to figure out how to communicate with each other.

I may actually watch when I can this season.

P.S. Kristi Yamaguchi is amazing. So is Mario. One of them should win. They probably won't, but they should.


Yvonne said...

I'm not sure who I want to win Biggest Loser.

I was not the least bit impressed with Heather Mills last year--so tired of her mentioning her prosthetic leg. However, WOW, am I ever impressed with Marlee. I got such a kick out of Samantha putting the microphone up to her when she was interviewing her. I think she is amazing. What a marvelous example to anyone with a limitation of any kind.

(I think watching American Idol is so much more painful--at least some of these people KNOW they can't dance)

I agree that Kristi is incredible. I'd add Jason to your list of top dancers.

Macy said...

Yvonne - Marlee is great. I thought the microphone thing was funny too.

I see your point about American Idol when the people are auditioning at the beginning of the season. That is embarrassing when they parade the people that don't sing as well through. Most of the people on the auditions for American Idol know they can't sing and are just trying to get on TV in my opinion. There are a few that aren't good singers that are genuinely surprised when they don't make it to Hollywood, but most of them are doing it for the attention. Which to me, is no different than Adam Corrolla trying to dance so he can get some free publicity for his new movie. But the kids that are left on American Idol are great singers. Many of them have been singing for years and have professional experience. It's kind of like watching a concert every week. Just with critiques from Simon added in. :)

Dana said...

If I had a blog commenting on Dancing with the Stars, you would have said verbatim what I said. You're so smart.

I just love watching the professionals dance, even with novices. Some of the show is so hokey I skip it.

Macy said...

Dana - We are both brilliant. :) My favorite thing on Dancing with the Stars is when the professionals do their cool group numbers. The professional dancers are so amazing.

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