Friday, March 28, 2008

Random TV Thoughts - Friday Edition

  • Britney Spears did surprisingly well on "How I Met Your Mother." Diggity and I love that show and were quite worried that her little guest star spot was going to be disastrous. She was actually funny and the bonuse was that Sarah Chalke from "Scrubs" was also on the show.
  • "Oprah's Big Give" is still enjoyable and makes me cry. I loved when the contestant paid for the open tickets at Midas on this last week's episode and the little boy thanked him. So sweet.
  • I was SO excited the girls won the weigh in on Biggest Loser this week. I felt badly they sent Dan home though. I really liked him. I hope Jillian can help the girls stay above the yellow line this coming week.

  • I'm disappointed in Christian Siriano. Turns out he designed the prom dress that Kimberley Locke wore on American Idol on Wednesday night. It was not fierce.
  • Curse you Bravo TV! I saw an episode of The Real Housewives of New York and found it to be train wreck watchable. If possible, they are more catty and fabulously wealthy and glamorous than the Orange County Housewives.
  • And speaking of Bravo TV and their addictive reality shows, Top Chef is interesting so far this season. They cooked for a block party and got the food from going door to door from the neighbors they were cooking for. I like Stephanie the best so far, but I'm finding many of the chefs more annoying than usual. Like Andrew. I want someone to punch him.
  • In an odd turn of events, we have no saved programming on our Tivo. We are usually struggling to catch up. It's almost like summer except that we have snow on our dead lawn and it is 30 degrees outside.
  • "High School Musical 2: Dance Along Edition" is on Disney Channel right now. I'm actually sitting here watching it. How big of a dork am I? I have to go. They're teaching the steps for "All For One." :)


Yvonne said...

I was soooooooo excited (and motivated) when the girls won. Like you, I felt really bad for Dan.

You mean you're not watching the BB games ; )

Neal said...

I want everyone to know that Macy doesn't just sit around and watch TV all this post might indicate ; )

Whitney Johnson said...

That's what I say too. Now, can we talk some more about Celebrity Apprentice? Wink, wink.

aaronandsharla said...

So Macy- this is Sharla your Junior High buddy- remember me? I taught w/ Molly for a while. I just read your 100 things :) we have some things in common. I read that you love to read blogs- so email me and I'll get you a link to our blog- since it is private. take care

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