Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol Report - Top 12 Results

Ok. I'm going to just type my thoughts as I'm watching the show. We'll see how this goes....
  • I forgot how we always have to do the Fox movie tie ins. Jim Carrey in a Horton suit is a new one. At least he was willing to go big and really humiliate himself.
  • Group Medley: Michael Johns can't dance. Um, I mean, can't step touch from side to side to a 4/4 beat. The rest of it was okay. David Archuleta sounded great.
  • Recap of Tuesday: Of course they show the part where David A. forgot the words. Poor kid.
First Group of Results:
Carly Smithson is....SAFE!
Michael Johns is.....SAFE! (but if he makes it to the top 10 and goes on tour, someone needs to teach the guy to move to a beat.)
Jason Castro is....SAFE!
Syesha Mercado the bottom 3. I saw that one coming. Going first is always a bad thing. The producers have a tendency to put the weak ones near the beginning of the singing line up.
  • Wow....Do we really need to have the bottom 3 sing as they are announced? I'm not sure how I feel about that. That means we have to hear the crappy singing two nights in a row? I guess this is less awkward than making the rejected Idol sing at the end after they are voted off, but I really don't want to watch these performances again. Thank goodness for Tivo.
  • Ah....the first Ford commercial of the season. To a Cake song? Not cool. That song is now ruined for me. And I really like that song. It's in the workout playlist on my iPod.
  • Here's another "Horton Hears a Who" cross-promo. I do love watching the stars fawn over these kids. Hearing David Archuleta gush about meeting Jim Carrey was very cute. And it really would trip you out to have someone that famous know who you are.
More Results:
Chikieze is....SAFE! And Ryan is mean! I swear he stays up at night dreaming up ways to torture these poor kids.
Amanda Overmyer Those Vote for the Worst kids are flexing their muscle again. I'm sure they're thrilled.
David Cook is....SAFE! Woo hoo!
Kristy Lee Cook the bottom 3. Tivo time. She knew she was going to have to sing. She must have watched the show last night and seen how crappy it was.
  • I don't like the call-in bit. We don't need to stretch the show out that much.
  • Katharine McPhee and David Foster. I do like her voice. It's a shame her record label dropped her. She'd probably be better off sticking with someone like David Foster and patterning her career after Josh Groban. Ugh. She just winked. Stop that. Pretty wedding ring, though. Song is over and David Foster and Katharine McPhee just confirmed that they are working on an album. I would buy that. Her first album was L-A-M-E. I think one of the singles was about open toed shoes.
Last group of results: (Jim Carrey just hugged the Mormon kids! Cute!)
David Archuleta is....SAFE!! Yay!
Brooke White is....SAFE!! Woo hoo!
David Hernandez the bottom 3!!! Nice.
Ramiele Malubar She's lucky.
  • Ugh. The Tivo caught up. I have to watch eyebrow boy sing. Seriously. I don't think I've ever seen a singer move their eyebrows so much.
  • Favorite Paula quote: "I've never seen a more stronger bottom 3."
  • Syesha gets sent back to the couch. She's safe for another week. Very lucky.
And David Hernandez is going home. If there was justice for bad singing, Kristy would have gone home. She is EXTREMELY lucky. Instead it's eyebrow boy going home. Ugh. He just winked. Maybe America decided to shun him for his former career after all.

I do love Ruben Studdard's voice. I'm glad he's singing the exit song this year. "Celebrate Me Home" is a perfect song and he has such a great voice.
I feel a little schizophrenic after that, but since I'm here by myself and don't have anyone to discuss with, I found it helpful to type what I was thinking instead of talking to myself. :)

Ah, Top Chef is starting. It has the greatest theme song in all of television right now. I love it. But, I have school tomorrow and must go to bed. Have a great night!


Whitney Johnson said...

Macy --
I really enjoyed your running commentary. Keep it up!

Yes -- I actually reveealed to my 11 year-old why, in my opinion, David Hernandez got voted off. Sure his performance was weak -- but as you say - the former career caught up with him.

BTW, did you look at Even with David A's full-on clunker he was the definitive leader.


LL said...

Macy. I don't even watch this show but that was FUN to read.
I have seen video of the Utah boy, he's incredibly talented!

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