Wednesday, January 16, 2008

WFMW: Organizing the Santas

I collect Santas. I love them. I have more than 30 right now. My favorite Santas to collect are by artist David Frykman, but he no longer makes mass-produced resin Santas, I don't think I'll be able to collect his anymore since he is only selling hand-carved creations now and they are quite expensive. Anyway...

One of the problems with collecting anything is organizing your collection. My Santa boxes are very well organized and live in my attic in large cardboard boxes from Ikea, but putting the Santa figurines back in the individual boxes after Christmas is always a problem. It takes so much time to match the empty box to the Santa. Several years ago, I made an effort to label all the Santa boxes with my handy P-Touch labeler, but that didn't work so well either. A text label that said, "Piano" didn't solve my problem. And my husband wouldn't even attempt to help me put them away. He didn't want to mess them up.

But then my husband came up with a brilliant solution to our problem - pictures. (He's a visual learner.) We took a picture of each Santa figurine in front of its box, printed all the pictures, and then taped each picture to the corresponding box. Like this:

(This is a new Santa I got when we went to Disneyland this year. I love it.)

Putting the Santas away this year was a breeze! I checked the picture on the empty box, found the Santa on the shelf and put it away. It totally worked for me. Thanks honey! And now, you can help me put the Santas away next year! :)

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Neal said...

I thought the whole point of making is easier, is so I didn't have to put them away ; )

Yvonne said...

Silly me--I didn't know you collect Santas. I'm making a mental note!!! Great idea--that husband of yours must be a great guy ; )

Ace said...

Rock on. You'd better keep him around for a while. Kidding, Neal. ;)

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