Sunday, December 23, 2007

I Am Old

I don't feel old.  But I think I need to face it.  I am.  Here's why. 

- My knee hurt the other day when it started to get cold.
- One of the little girls I taught in the 9th grade my first year at AFJH (2001) got married this last weekend.  I just saw the pictures.  
- Students I taught in junior high are not only leaving on missions right now, but the first batch of them just started coming home.  It's true.  Just saw pictures.  
- My back hurts sometimes.
- I just saw some cousins at a family party.  I remember when they were born.  They are married and have children.
- Rap music gives me a headache.  It never did that before.
- I almost made a joke the other day that my dad would have made.  I stopped myself, but it was a close one.

I'm going to go try do some yoga or drink some wheatgrass juice or something like that.  


Ace said...

I didn't feel old either. Until I taught a student that I used to babysit when I was in jr. high. I think maybe we should accept it gracefully--it would give us a great excuse to start wearing mumus. ;)

Sarah said...

hey! come over will ya? :) too!

Nicole B. said...

I love it! You know what? I am getting old. My body is a mess, and I already am saying things to myself like, "my son will NEVER have hair in his eyes like that." You know, when those deacons are passing the sacrament and they have to hold their heads to the side in order to see past their bangs?! Kill me. I am my mother.

Macy said...

Ace - I think matching mumus would suit us well.

Sarah - Oh, we will.

Nicole - I love you. That was hilarious.

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