Monday, November 19, 2007

7 Months Old

G-Man is 7 months old as of Sunday. He's on the downhill slope toward turning one year old. I can't believe this is going by so fast!

When I take his picture every month, I put a sign near him that says how old he is that day. Since G-Man is now only interested in putting everything he can reach into his mouth, the sign didn't quite survive the photo shoot. (I love the third picture. He looks so guilty.)

We were also lucky to get some pictures of a new trick he has been performing the past few days. He loves these little Fisher Price pull apart beads. He hits them on the floor, he pulls them apart and throws them. But a few days ago, he discovered he could sing into the open end of the beads. So, now he sings into them whenever he plays with them. It looks like he is playing a clarinet.

I also love this picture I took after a long day of church and other obligations. My two boys watching the Patriots pummel the Bills. Don't they look cute? (G-Man was looking at the TV like his dad until he saw I had the camera. Then he turned and smiled. What a ham! I have no idea where that comes from!)


Yvonne said...

I have been missing those G-man pics on your blog. Thanks for my monthly fix!!! He is definitely a ham--love that pic of him and his dad.

Have a great time on your trip and a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ace said...

I can't believe how big he's getting! I think the six to nine month range has been my favorite age range so far. They're so fun at that age!

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