Thursday, October 4, 2007

Back to School

In June, I received a call from a private Montessori school that was interested in having me come teach part time. Because it meant only working one day a week and because the school said I could bring G-Man with me if I needed to, I decided to go ahead and give it a try.

I was pretty apprehensive as my first day started. I did NOT want to go. Even though Diggity is at home with G-Man in the morning. Even though we have a fantastic sitter for G-Man. Even though I know it is so good for me to have a set schedule one day a week. Even though I really, truly love teaching. Even though this is a new opportunity unlike anything I have ever done in my teaching career. I did not want to go. But after three Thursdays, I'm finding that I am really liking it. And I'm learning a lot teaching at this new school. For example:

- Drawing chalk lines on carpet is a great way to keep little kids in their places.

- Sometimes preschoolers don't close the bathroom door. When walking to the office, you can inadvertently see the full moon shining into the hallway.

- Allowing one 5 year old to tell a story not related to the subject at hand opens up a floodgate of similarly unrelated stories. This floodgate is difficult to close once opened.

- Preschoolers say the greatest things. My favorites:

"Miss Macy, I'm sorry, but you talk so fast my brain can't keep up." (It's true. I've had to will myself to slow down for the younger crowd.)

(On my first day teaching...)"Hey, are you the new kid around here?"

"Miss Macy, did you know that your stomach is sticking way out in front of you?" (Ouch. Love the honesty, right? I replied that I had just had a baby and my stomach hasn't shrunk back to the right size yet. I need to work harder on the stomach shrinking.)


Yvonne said...

I chuckled about letting them tell a story not related to the subject--ask any Primary teacher, "my grandma has a cat" and in your mind your wondering what did I say that triggered that response, and then it goes and goes!!! Loved the questions--kids say whatever they think.

I'm glad you are enjoying it. I'm sure they are enjoying you, too.

Whitney Johnson said...

Miranda came home and with sheer delight and 'rock,paper,scissors' in Japanese. She said -- Miss Macy taught me!"

Jules said...

Ha ha. Kids make me chuckle. :-) We all miss you, Macy! I hope everything is going well.

Michal said...

kids are so darn honest. i have a good friend who came in as a first grade teacher a few weeks into the school year. when she asked the kids what they had heard about her, one of them said, "we heard that you have a big nose!" she was torn between laughing and feeling mortified.

Ace said...

I love the kids at that age. Although sometimes their blunt honesty continues through jr. high. At Shakespeare the new teacher wanted to announce that it was someone's birthday. She started off by saying that she had a big announcement to make. She jokingly said, "I'm pregnant." Then she went on to explain that she wasn't really pregnant, but that it was someone's birthday. She had two students come up to her later and tell her that they really thought she was pregnant because the shirt she was wearing made her look that way. I don't think she'll be wearing that shirt anymore.

Ah, kids!

lori said...

Hi! I came across your blog from another blog - and realized I know you from a LONG time ago. I met you at a PALS conference when I was 14? I recognize your face. Just thought I'd say hello.
-Lori (Jones) Sherman
(I have red hair, and went to Timpview)

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