Tuesday, September 11, 2007


1. Is G-Man teething? He's been drooling for a couple months, but he is barely eating the last couple of days. He cries part way through his bottles and often won't finish eating. The drooling has become a bit more intense.
2. Is it bad that my son dresses better than I do when we go into public? (I am working to put myself together a bit more when I go outside the house. Unfortunately, this plan to put myself together involves my getting up early and I haven't managed to do that. Tomorrow...)
Aren't his jeans adorable? Target, of course.
3. Why is Anna Nicole Smith still famous? (I think it is Entertainment Tonight's fault. It's my personal theory.)
4. Why do I spend time on my computer when my son is asleep? I could be doing something a bit more productive. If only blogs and Facebook weren't such time sucker uppers.
5. Which "brilliant" TV executive actually thought this show was a good idea? I would have loved to hear the pitch on this one..."You know, everyone loves those Geico commercials, so we thought..."
6. Why is candy corn only available for two months during the year?
7. Why is Big Brother so popular?
8. Why can't I find it within myself to work as hard as the people on The Biggest Loser do? I know I could lose this baby weight if I would quit making excuses for myself.
9. How is it possible to love two people so much?

P.S. How do I get grease stains out of clothing? I have ruined more shirts in the last 4 months from various things like diaper rash ointment magically jumping onto my shirt. I know there is a way. Help me, please?


Yvonne said...

#3--I have asked myself that same question over and over and over again. I think your theory is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!

#6--can it be frozen or about using the Stake's canner???

#9--WELL--they're just so doggone cute ; )

As always, such a great job. As I told you today--I LOVE HOW YOU WRITE. Thanks for sharing your skills.

ktb said...

I can't explain Big Brother but I'm totally addicted. Go Zach - get the Denatos OUT of the house!

Michal said...

In no particular order:
#7.I hate Big Brother and can't believe that anyone watches it. So boring.
#1. Sounds like teething to me. The first teeth take a long time to come in, in my opinion.
#2. I always say that a baby is the ultimate accessory. Since when I have a baby I am too fat and frumpy and makeup-less to look good most of the time, I always make sure that baby is dressed to the nines.
#5. Looks to be the lamest new show of the season.
#8. Love that show. Would love to drop 60 lbs. Not so much into four hours each day workouts--who has the time for that unless they are on a reality show?
#3. Beats me.
#4. Ditto.

Macy said...

G-Man IS the ultimate accessory! Thanks Michal! I'll pull him out of his seat and parade him around when I see moms at Target that are put together for the day. (I saw a mom with twins exactly Garrett's age at Target yesterday. She had makeup AND jewelery on. It was all I could do not to trip her.) Honestly, no one looks at me when he is around anyway. He starts smiling and they have eyes only for him. :)

Dana said...

Cracking up - thanks for brightening my day with your questions and your blog in general. I need to read about someone else right now...

To stains - try soaking in OxyClean...gets everything out. Very hot water and 3+ scoops of soap for 24 hours.

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