Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Things I'm Learning on Our Trip to Germany

1. Infants can fly for free on domestic United flights, but not on International domestic flights. (The damage was minimal, but Diggity and I felt a little like deer in the headlights upon hearing this news as we were checking in at the airport.)
2. The food in business class is delicious. And you get your own TV. And they give you ice cream. And the seats are WAY fancier. And there was enough room for the G-Man to sleep on the floor at my feet. (He had his own seat because there were several empty seats in business class - so, considering we had to pay for him to fly, we got a great deal on his seat.)
3. I love German words. I have walked around all day giggling at how long some of them are. I absolutely love trying to pronounce them.
4. Diet Coke in foreign lands is much sweeter than in the U.S. And it is usually called Coke Light.
5. I like German donuts.
6. I do not like pickled beets.
7. German architects like to make streets with cobblestones and bricks.
8. The architecture in Munich is beautiful.
9. People smile at babies more here than they do in the U.S. Maybe they aren't in such a big hurry and they notice little things more. I've seen far more people react to G-Man here than in the other big U.S. cities we have visited this summer.
10. The subway is on the honor system. Though in theory this is a great idea and I'm sure saves people scads of time as they avoid buying tickets and waiting to go through turnstiles, it can be confusing for the first time user of the system.

I wish I had read our travel books more thoroughly before arriving here. There are so many things I want to see now that I am here and I don't feel like I have a plan, which is a little weird for both Diggity and I. This is one of the few countries where he has been here several times for business, but hasn't spent much time as a tourist. In the past, he has a list of places to see and things to do, but he's relying on me to figure out what we want to see. It's a little daunting and exciting all at once. I'm off to read travel books. Aufwiedersehn for now. (Speaking of which, I'm excited for Project Runway to start.)

P.S. I'm glad I have a minimal working knowledge of German - especially right this minute, because the Blogger website popped up in German and I'm still going to be able to do postings because I understand the words.

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Yvonne said...

WOW! I'm soooooooooo impressed. You actually could understand the German. Good for you. Everytime we travel I kick myself that I haven't studied the travel books enough--note to self, get those Japan, China books out and GET BUSY.

When you were writing about the ice cream in Business Class, I thought of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry is in First Class and Elaine is in "toilet class".

So glad you guys are having a MARVELOUS time.

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