Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Friends watch your back.

They hold your hand and talk to you when things are not going well. And when they are going well.

They share things with you. Especially their toys.

They give you a swift kick when you need one.

Yup. Friends are the greatest.

This is G-Man's new friend Sam. Sam's mom is one of my dearest friends from college. She is of those eventhoughyouneverseeeachotheryoupickrightbackuplikeyouwereneverapart friends (Whew! I borrowed an AnnDeeism there...) and I just love her and her husband. Watching her kids play with G-Man was really great. I'm so grateful I got to stay with them for a couple days. Thanks Takemoto Family!


Yvonne said...

Such cute pictures, and I love your "explanation" of each picture. It is always such fun when your friend's children & your children become "friends". So glad you had a chance to visit them.

Michelle said...

I almost cried reading this post. You can't imagine how much I wish I'd been there.

Macy said...

It would have been wonderful to have you there! But know we were definitely thinking of you.

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